Btk Killer

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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BTK Killer-Informational Speech
"I just put it in one of the first letters. I’m always surprised I put it up there first. I think it was just — Bind, Torture, Kill. Now I had a label on me.  It was like the 'Green River Killer' and “Son of Sam” and a whole slew of others stuff”.(Dennis Rader) That was the chilling truth of the disgusting thoughts that ran through the mind of a true serial killer, Dennis Rader, otherwise known as the BTK Killer. There has always been people missing a few too many brain cells, and becoming a parasite to society, who feed on the pain and misery of innocent human beings. So today I would like to inform you on the sick ways of the BTK Killer and his plots to escape the ways of society. The BTK Killer is someone who disregarded the fact that a human should act socially acceptable, he had twisted thoughts that are disturbing mentally and he physically ruined the lives of 10 innocent people. You may just know him as the ‘BTK Killer’ or you may not know him at all, though the skin crawling truth is that among people’s everyday lives walked a man with the sole intentions to harm and torture innocent civilians and is therefore known as Wichita’s most notorious serial killer. In the years leading up to his adult hood he showed many red flags that would indicate his insanity. Dennis’s childhood began with strange thought processes that showed that he would never be like the other kids when he grew up. He grew up into a family that cared for him and parents who were firm with their kids but always fair. He was the first of four boys in the family and was one to always participate in their church. In his later years he was in the military for active duty and soon after was discharged. In his childhood home there was not even one occurrence of abuse or anything that would lead to the type of person that Dennis Rader became. Though, just because there was nothing in the household that gave clues, Dennis being himself was quite enough. He had...
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