Btec Unit 26 P1,P2,P3,P4

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Bart Hendriks
Unit 26
P1, P2, P3, P4

P1: Describe, by using clear examples, the characteristics of the information used within your selected business. Look at types of information; quality of information and usability.

* Primary: The data or information is gathered first-hand. * Secondary: The data or information has already been gathered before. * Internal: The data or information is gathered by the company which uses the data or information. * External: The data or information is gathered outside the company which uses the data (it is gathered by another organisation or source ).

Qualitative| Primary secondary| Internal external| (dis) advantages| Which Courses colleagues followed| Primary| External: Websites of colleagues| /| Where do the colleagues work| secondary|| /| | | | /|

AdvantagesIt is important to know what your ‘’competitors’’ follow for coursers and what services they are capable of to deliver. In this profession it is important to keep learning more technics and make sure that you don’t ‘get behind on your competitors. It’s normal in this profession that you will help your colleagues and they help you: within getting clients and learning more about the profession.Disadvantages: You would say that you helping your competitors is a disadvantage but it is certainly not, because there is a high demand for treatments from physical therapists and there are not many physical therapists. Therapists help each other for example by swapping clients. Every physical therapists is different, so for example; if a client has high back problems it might be better to send him to another therapist who is better in dealing with these issues. Or if a client has problems with traveling, the therapist could sent him to another physical therapist which isn’t that far to travel.|

quantitative| Primary, secondary?| Internal, external?| (dis) advantages| Age of average client| Primary | Internal| /|
Where do clients come from; 10km, 20 km or 30 km away.| Primary| Internal| /| What are the most common reasons clients come to Mutatio?| Primary| Internal| /| Advantages:If you know the above, quantitative, information than you are able to promote your work better. You’ll know how and where you can find clients easy and fast.Disadvantage: If all your clients have ‘’circa’’ the same age and live close to each other, you’ll have a smaller target group and you’ll get less clients from other ages and/ or places. Most clients will have the same problem and your acknowledge and skills about other problems will reduce so as you reputation with you target group. When you aim for a wider target group, more places, ages and different problems, your company will sell itself enough, so you don’t have to promote anymore.|

P2: Explain the sources of information needed in a selected organisation.

Every company needs information, but where do they get the information. I will explain where my Mutatio gets the information they need. Before I can explain where the information comes from, I have to explain what for information Mutatio needs.

Most important Information Mutatio needs is from the clients: * Personnel information of the clients, e.g. their names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. * Time related information; when are the clients able to come for an appointment. * Why do the clients need or want treatments from a physical therapist; e.g. because of an muscle injury. * What have my colleagues studied and learned the past 6 months; it is important to keep up to date with colleagues, because it is important to keep your reputation high as an physic therapist. Most clients will choose one of the best physic therapist close to home and when the client is satisfied with the Mutatio, he will tell more people which might have or will get injuries and need a physical therapist.

It is important that the information is;...
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