Btec Level 3

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Unit – 19 Developing teams in business.
Assessment activity 19.1
Introduction –In this assessment my main task is describe different type of team and the benefits of teams for an organization. I will give some example for the teams. And I describe the team how to help for work. P1 – Describe different type of team and the benefits of teams for an organization What is the team?

Collection of people shared purpose and commitment to working together. That is any group of people organized to work together interdependently and cooperatively to meet the needs of their customers by accomplishing a purpose and goals. Teams are created for both long term and short term interaction. A product development team, an executive leadership team, and a departmental team are long lasting planning and operational groups. Short term teams might include a team to develop an employee on boarding process, a team to plan the annual company party, or a team to respond to a specific customer problem or complaint. Type of team| Benefits of an organization|

Formal teamThe formal team is created for a specific purpose. The team would involve a manager who would need to set out specific tasks or a group of tasks. This is usually had rules and a clear expectation about the parts each team member plays. Example - A sales team, there would be a manager, co-ordinator and someone who will advertise the product or campaign, etc. This team would be suitable because it allows everyone in the team to use their skills and qualifications to their best use. This is usually called specialisation as it divides certain tasks to each member so that everyone is involved in and works as a team.| Everyone is suited to their own roleThe will work harder as they know they are able to carry out this role| Permanent teamIn the uniformed public service most teams are permanent, members of the team see each other on a daily basis and their relationships are close, team members are perceived as colleagues...
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