Btec Business Unit29 P2

Topics: Retailing, Distribution, Supply chain management Pages: 4 (841 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Roohi Ahmed

What is distribution?3
What is distributions role in retailing?4
Distribution methods at Sairaz6
Distribution methods at HOUSE OF FRASER6

In this report I am going to discuss about the independent retailers distribution process of Boots and the multiple retailers distribution process of HOUSE OF FRASER. What is distribution?
Distribution is the way in which a product is spread over an area. This shows that the store operations management will share and pass on their information process to the forecasting, replenishment and promotions management to the right time for the logistics and warehouse management to the right place for the supplier management to the right products for the category management to the right customers for the customer management.

Advanced retail distribution process includes the following: • Warehousing
• Inventory control
• Packaging
• Distribution management
• Wholesale distribution
• Third party logistics
• Freight forwarding
• Retail EDI
• Customs brokerage and clearing
• Reverse logistics
However, in most retail stores the distribution process starts from the raw materials which will come from either home or abroad (e.g. plane, boat, train or road) to be taken to a factory to be packaged. Then they will store this in a warehouse. After that they will send the products on to the shop floor to provide to the end user. What is distributions role in retailing?

Distributions role in retailing is to supply the products to sell in retail stores. Retailers need to consider when they produce a product or service, how they are going to distribute this and sell them to the customers. Distribution transports the products in an efficient manner for the correct given time to the retailers. It increases the need to progress service value, ensures a shorter command of rotation period and takes into consideration any...
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