Btec Business Level 2 - Unit 11 P1

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  • Published : February 2, 2012
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In this assignment, I will be describing the different types of customers you may meet at a superstore and writing about their needs and expectations. Dear Alan,
In a superstore, there are many different types of customers that you may meet, in this email; I will be describing the needs and expectations of an Internal Customer, a Disabled customer and a young couple with children. For a quick example, a standard customer would expect a clean store and friendly staff, where-as a disabled customer may have other needs such as assistance whilst shopping or an electric wheelchair.

Internal Customers – In a superstore, Internal Customers expect a high quality of standards. For example for the bare minimum, the shop should be clean. By this I mean the floors should be clean (spillages immediately dealt with), the stock should be stacked tidily, and the toilets should be clean. As I said that is the minimum that any shop could probably get away with. In order to further themselves, a store should have regularly cleaned toilets (hourly checks), polite and well-spoken staff, as these are the people that represent whatever company it may be. Internal customers would also perhaps expect specialised parking because of the fact they are staff, this is a good idea however, as it means the customers can park easily without staff taking their spaces. Another expectation would be the need for well-lit shops, if you walk in to a store and the lights are dim and boring, this doesn’t give a good impression, bright lights make the shop more vibrant and makes customers and employees feel much more awake. Also, even though Internal customers are employees of the shop, since they are currently not working, they would not be permitted to enter the ‘warehouse’ to get something which isn’t on the shelf and would have to ask another member of staff for assistance.

Disabled Customers – In any superstore, it is now common fact that disabled people have a whole range of different...
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