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The organization that I will focus on for this paper is Scott Consulting. Scott Consulting is a private consulting firm formed in 1983 based out of Atlanta, GA. Scott Consulting also has offices located in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Birmingham to name a few. The company was formed by 6 individuals, who combined their years and experience in IT to develop a consulting firm to meet the IT needs of major companies. The investors embarked with a vision of aligning qualified IT professionals in various industries that could utilize unique and specific skill sets as it relates to IT. The investors believe in order to give the best to our clients, we must commit to a high standard of ethics, integrity, personal values and responsiveness to the client’s needs. The staff is made up of 200 permanent employees and over 1,600 staff consultants. Scott Consulting serves over 2,500 clients Nationally with IT needs. The IT clients vary from start-ups to well established Fortune 50 companies. Scott Consulting has held the title of “50 Best Small and Medium Companies” this honor was held by the company in 2008. In 2006 Scott Consulting expanded its organization to include a telecommunications division. The telecom division has been the backbone of new business and sustainability since its development in 2006. The telecom unit of Scott Consulting is comprised of Project Managers, Design engineers, Provisioning Engineers, Team leads, Management and the Leadership Team. I am one of the original 15 people who started in this division. Scott Consulting telecom consultants work in both southeast and northeast markets. Scott Consulting first Southeast market client was ALL WIRELESS and it’s office in Georgia. This was the market I started in; I worked onsite for ALL WIRELESS as a consultant through another agency. ALL WIRELESS dissolved that relationship and transferred me to Scott Consulting in 2006 to continue working on the Georgia contract. By 2008 Scott Consulting had the entire Southeast market for ALL WIRELESS mobility.

In 2009 Scott Consulting acquired work from ALL WIRELESS in the Northeast. The first client was New York. I was transferred from the Southeast to head up the provisioning department for this area. By 2010 Scott Consulting had a footprint in Washington, Virginia, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New England. The current director of Scott Consulting is an employee that started out as a Design engineer, who developed relationships with the investors and proposed the idea of starting a telecom division. My current director has a military background and has worked in telecom since leaving the military; he acquired a lot of his telecom network knowledge from Bellsouth LD. The assistant director was appointed by the director; her career in telecom began straight out of high school. She worked for Bellsouth for many years and we’ve worked together as contractors for ALL WIRELESS in the same capacity for over 6 years. She served as a team leader for 2 years and then was selected to be the assistance director in 2011. The leadership team has established a culture that allows them control and power over the telecom organization. The leadership team is aware of the great subordinate leaders and employees that work for them. However; because of the lack of transparency and communication some of the leaders and employees are overworked and don’t feel appreciated. Therefore, the quality of management is not at a level that is best to meet the organizations objectives and customer service. Employees have expressed their concern with middle management as it relates to a lack of ethical leadership, resources, training and an equal reward programs. As of 2011, the telecom division of Scott Consulting is the highest revenue grossing division within the organization. The leadership team needs to improve its organizational culture, leadership style, improve employee satisfaction and overall...
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