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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V
March 28, 2013

The profession of nursing is one of the most respected and fastest growing occupations that exist in the United States today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are nearly 2.4 million registered nurses in the United States alone, making up the highest employment rate within the industry sector (Occupation employment and, 2011). Due to the enormous demand for nurses, there are many great educational opportunities that allow these individuals to pursue their dreams. Potential nursing students have the option of attending a four year baccalaureate degree nursing program or attending a two year associate degree program. There is great controversy looming over the world of nursing education with regards to associate degree prepared nurses and those with a baccalaureate degree in nursing. One of the biggest debated issues regarding this topic is whether the amount of time spent in school cramming on how to be a nurse outweighs the actual clinical experience that one is exposed to during their career. The associate degree nurse typically attends one year of prerequisite classes before entering the nursing program and once admitted into the program, they attend another two years of actual nursing courses (Associates of applied, 2013). Associates degree programs tend to focus more on the technical aspects needed to provide direct patient care rather than the logistics. The knowledge of associate degree nurses can be limited to direct hands on patient care in hospitals and the programs may offer a more restricted level of patient care. Leadership is taught to associate degree nursing students but only to a certain extent and Management is of absence within the program. Also, associate degree nurses have a disadvantage with regards to continuing education. They are not prepared for graduate study programs therefore if an individual wants to become a nurse practitioner they have to return to...
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