Bshs/422 - Cultural Diversity and Special Populations Final Exam

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Final Exam
Monty Picklesimer
BSHS/422 - Cultural Diversity and Special Populations
January 28, 2013
Shana D. Lewis, LPC, NCC

Final Exam
1. What do you need to find out about Esmeralda and her family in order to create the most comprehensive treatment plan? Consider all-important areas that effect Esmeralda and her children's overall wellbeing based on the information given in the case study. Be specific, identify, and list what areas need to be included in Esmeralda's treatment plan. How will you find out this information? 1. Esmeralda is determined eligible for services after the intake staff completed the assessment instrument so developing a care plan is necessary for Esmeralda. The majority of immigrants that do not speak English fluently ask their family or friends to interpret for them (Pope, 2010). I do not speak fluent Spanish so I will begin assessing Esmeralda by asking her if she has a family member or friend that she wants to come translate between us. If she does, I will ask her to call her family member or friend, however; if Esmeralda does not have someone I will use the agency’s designated bilingual interpreter such as the U.S. Social Security Administration provides its case managers (United States Social Security Administration, 2012). Most agencies have their own assessment tools or forms to be used in requesting and recording the client’s personal information such as the biopsychosocial assessment. “A uniform method of collecting and reporting assessment findings should be, developed for use by all case managers in the agency or service system” (National Association of Social Workers, 2013, Standard 5, para. 5). For Esmeralda’s case, I will ask her about her preexisting health or mental health problems such as her cough and rash. I will ask her about her needs and the resources such as how long does she believe she has remaining to live with her extended family. I will ask her about her economic situation and employment status such as whether she has a social security number she can use to obtain legal employment. “The social work case manager shall conduct a face-to-face biopsychosocial assessment of the client…The social work case manager formulates an intervention plan based on the findings of this assessment” (National Association of Social Workers, 2013, Standard 5, para. 3). The assessment helps to identify Esmeralda’s and her children’s conditions and resources in relation to mental and physical health, nutrition and medication status, and caregiver status. I will need to ask her what brought her to the point of asking for help and what she believes I can do to helpher. 2. What are the psychological, medical, and social issues both she and her children may be facing? Be specific. 2. The psychological issues both Esmeralda and her children may be facing are depression, anxiety, childhood behavioral control problems, and adjustment disorders. All of these can occur when the family is forced to move from one harmful situation to another bad situation such as loss of the time spent with the father. That stress can cause harm to all the children’s brain development. “Many decades of research have documented the psychological consequences in adulthood, including struggles with depression and difficulties maintaining relationships. Now studies are finding that a troubled home life has profound effects on neural development” (Chant, 2013, para.1). The medical issues both Esmeralda and her children may be facing are Esmeralda may have an infectious disease and the family may be suffering from malnutrition and its side effects. Esmeralda has a chronic cough and a rash. That needs evaluation by an individual who is qualified medically to ensure Esmeralda does not have an infectious disease that puts her life in jeopardy, her family’s health at risk, and society’s wellbeing at risk. Mayo Clinic staff states an individual should obtain medical attention if he or she has a cough lasting more than a...
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