Bshs 402

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Course Syllabus

Course Start Date: 10/30/2012
Course End Date: 12/3/2012
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Course Description

This course covers principles, practices, and issues in case management. The diagnosis and treatment of developmental, psychological, and psychiatric problems and treatment resources in the lease restrictive and most cost effective settings will be examined.

Course Topics & Objectives                                                                                            

Week One: Case Management Overview, Clientele, and Practice Models ·         Understand the basic definition and application of the case management function and process. ·         Delineate the concepts of case management as they apply to the needs of various special populations. ·         Describe the components of an integrated delivery model of case management.  Week Two: Implementation of the Case Management Process 

·         Describe the role and practice framework of case management. ·         Identify the differences and similarities of case management in the community setting and in the managed care environment. Week Three: Case Management Skills: Interpersonal and Information Gathering Skills, Goal Setting, Intervention, and Evaluation ·         Demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to build rapport in the early stages of case management. ·         Understand the integration of assessment to problem identification and goal setting. ·         Examine the connection between intervention planning and resource utilization. Week Four: Case Management Skills: Counseling, Therapy, and Linking of Clients to Services  ·         Examine the personal helping interventions that can have positive effects on behavioral patterns of vulnerable clients. ·         Understand the case manager's role in developing formal and informal linkages to benefit the client. Week Five: Case Management Skills: Reassessment, Outcome Monitoring, Advocacy, and General Case Management Problems  ·         Understand the correlation of reassessment, monitoring, and outcome evaluation to the prevention of future problems.   

Course Materials                                                                                                                Rothman, J., & Sager, J. S. (1998).Case management: Integrating individual and community practice (2nd ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon. All electronic materials are available on your student Web site. Point Values for Course Assignments                                                                            ASSIGNMENTS| Points|

Individual (75%)|  |
All WeeksParticipation and Discussion Questions| 200|
Week Two Individual Assignment: Special Populations Paper| 150| Week Three Individual Assignment: Textbook Quiz| 200|
Week FiveIndividual Assignment: Final Examination| 200|
Learning Team (25%)|  |
Week TwoLearning Team Charter| 25|
Week ThreeCase Manager Interview Questions| 25|
Week FourLearning Team Assignment: Informal Networks Paper| 100| Week FiveLearning Team Assignment: Case Manager...
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