Bscs, Practicum Manual

Topics: Training, Practicum, The Establishment Pages: 36 (7228 words) Published: December 10, 2012
B.S. in Computer Science
Practicum Manual

Prepared by:

France Chelem S.I. Esquivel
BSCS, Acting Program Head

The World Citi Colleges is committed to develop World Citizens who contribute to the academic advancement of humanity by providing excellent and holistic education with a firm Christian foundation that is relevant, responsive and research-driven in curriculum; globe in scope; nationalistic in perspective; and culturally diverse in orientation.


"Moving the Filipino within Global Reach."

The World Citi educational system is superior in academic training...with graduates rising above the throng in their passion for excellence and zeal for social responsibility.


Christ-centered. In my heart and mind, Christ's love and sacrifice is treasured. In words and in deeds, the love that was given to me through the cross is shown to my fellowmen. The truth that has set me free remains the light that guides me in my walk.

Servant-leader. Inspired by the words of Christ, "I came not to be served but to serve," I help the community through an excellent, competent, humble and righteous direction. Marked by my deep desire to look after those who are in need, as a World Citizen, I plant the seed of my youth to the fertile soil of authentic Christian leadership.

Excellent. In all toil and labor, I give my best effort. Where there is a need for sacrifice, I am always ready to offer that extra-mile. I shun off mediocrity but rejoice in the success of my pursuits.

Compassionate. I am a person of strength, yet my heart remains broken before Jesus. I realize that God-given might shall be for those who need it the most. I am always ready to give a helping hand, no matter how costly the sacrifice maybe. I am gentle in spirit, an epitome of unconditional love and tenderness.

Person of Integrity. The love of God has made me a complete person. Being such, I cherish a life that shows the virtues of Christianity. In home and school, in every work or play, wherever and in whatever circumstances I am in, I become the salt and light that Christ commands everyone to be. I set the example of a Godly attitude.

We burn the midnight oil
To seek and know and dream
To be the best we can be
Borne of love, compassion and integrity.

Oh the light of truth and goodness
Brightly shines for all to see
We commit to the task before us
Hand in hand with dignity
And the world will be changed forever
When God calls His Citi to share
We're the World Citi Colleges
Called upon to serve and to care.

We reach for the highest high
Respected and admired
With Pride we carry our name
To the world our mission we proclaim.


Chapter Title Page
2Course Description7
A. Practicum Training7
B. Pre-Requisites7
3Objectives of Practicum Program8
4Requirements of the Course9
A. Documents9
B. Orientation and Briefing10
C. Practicum Training Agreement10
D. Placement Procedures10
E. Performance Evaluation Reports11
F. Log Sheet12
G. Certification12
H. Final Permit12
I. Criteria for Grading Practicum Report12
J. Course Requirement Breakdown13
K. Final Grade and Grade Point Equivalent13
L. Incomplete Grade14
M. A Grade of 5.0/Fail14
5 Placement Procedure16
A. Placement Initial Assignment16
B. Interviews16
C. After Confirmed Placements17
D. Prior to the Start of Practicum17
E. Responsibilities of the Student17
F. Responsibilities of the WCC Practicum Group19
G. Responsibilities of the Practicum Coordinator
of the Participating Training Establishment20
6Practicum Report22
A. Suggested Outline22
B. Guidelines in the Report Preparation24...
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