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Workforce planning: For any position that becomes vacant, it is a requirement to consider whether the role is still required, whether there is available budget, and if the role description needs to be updated in light of current organisational requirements. Recurring vacancies: Positions are advertised stating that “applications remain current for 12 months” so that subsequent vacancies covered by the same role description can be filled from the previous recruitment process. This is a very valuable tool and saves time and money.


It is only necessary for the Panel Chair to have relevant training in conducting recruitment and selection activities. It would be useful if all panel members have had some form of training and support and advice should be readily available to ensure the process is efficient. For base grade positions, the recruitment process is to be completed within one month. This is a fairly unreasonable time frame if the position needs to be advertised since there is a two-week advertisement period.


Creation of a skills database (other than surplus employees) where current employees possessing key attributes could be considered prior to advertising externally. There is currently no possibility to consider applicants outside the organisation who have expressed interest in positions which have not been advertised in some skilled positions such as allied health. It would be a good idea to provide an opportunity for such potential employees to place their name on a list so they could be contacted and advised when a relevant position is being advertised.



Minimum of two selection techniques to be used (recommend three). Using more selection techniques results in more valid and reliable selection decisions. The panel chair is to notify all shortlisted unsuccessful applicants by phone as soon as the preferred applicant...
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