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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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________________________________________________________________________________________________ Q1The mission of BSB, Inc., is” to provide an all-around food service to our customer’. Yes, BSB, Inc., enjoys competitive advantage or core competencies. There are a few ways where BSB, Inc., enjoys competitive advantage or core competencies. Firstly, BSB, Inc., is a large internationally operated food service company and has the specialization in the universities or colleges in providing food service to the students. This can be seen where BSB, Inc., has the contract to provide food services for the entire campus of 6,000 students and 3,000 faculty, staff, and support personnel in that particular university. Moreover, BSB, Inc., has the facilities needed in the campus to operate their business whereas new entrants will have to start everything from the beginning which can be tough at times since they do not have the knowledge and understanding of the environment in the campus as compared to BSB. Inc.,. Finally, BSB. Inc., has been operating its services in the campus for the past 10 years, and it is well known among the students in the campus as BSB. Inc., is the sole food service operator in their campus. When they think of food, they will think of BSB. Inc.,. Thus, BSB. Inc., has the brand name that is well known and recognized among the students and the staff of the campus. Q2Kershaw chose to use her pizza operation to compete with off-campus eateries because she believes that pizza operation is easy to manage and requires limited resources to operate. Also, Kershaw realized that the students are not satisfied with the food services through the survey that she has conducted. She knew that the main reason why large amount of food consumed was not being purchased from the BSB facilities mainly because there was a lack or variety in the food offerings. So, she chose pizza operation to allow the students to have more varieties in food selection so that they can...
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