Bsa/385 Week 3

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Frequent Shopper Program, Part II
Christopher Prince
Vickie Shubert-Martin
December 3, 2012

Frequent Shopper Program, Part II
Kudler Fine foods would like to enhance the clients shopping experience by developing a system in order to track the customer purchases which will be known as a Frequent Shopper Program. This will award loyalty points in order for the customer to have an opportunity to redeem these points for goods services. “Kudler Fine Foods is a Local upscale specialty food store committed to providing customers with the finest selection of specialty foods and wine.” Apollo Group Inc. (2010) this will keep track of the customers purchase habits in order to assist Kudler to offer their customers and valued customer the best shopping experience now and in the future. Kudler Fine Foods has contracted Smith System Consulting to develop the Frequent Shopper Program. The following paper will discuss; hardware platform, network connections, software development tools, database information, user interfaces, controls and security measure, the paper will defined as a technical architecture document. Hardware Platform

In order to achieve their goal all Kudler location will have to be considered, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas, and will need to be configured with the same type of hardware for their Frequent Shopper Program in order for the systems to communicate with one another and keep all information at hand. Below is a diagram of a ring network.

[pic] (Brainbell. 2010)
Currently 56K modems are located at each location; this will not suffice due to the fact transmission of data is to slow and shall be replaced with a high end broadband technology such as DSL in order to support the Frequent Shopper program. This type of connection will be capable of tracking the program with the POS system. “A point of sale (POS) system—the computer-based system or network that processes transactions when a customer...
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