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  • Published : July 5, 2012
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Preliminary design model
Proposed system process view

Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program


BSA375/Fundamentals of Business Systems Development

University of Phoenix

Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

Kudler Fine Foods is one of the preeminent destinations for the discerning shopper looking for all kinds of gourmet and specialty food items they are also one of the finest shopping destinations for anyone who just likes good food. At Kudler Fine Foods the company’s goal is to bring the very best value and quality to their customers and with this in mind Kudler Fine Foods seeks to create a rewards program for their fine customers. Team C Consulting has been contacted by Kudler Fine Foods and given the chance to present a Project summary to create such a program for their company. Team C Consulting was honored to be given the chance to compete for this project and has developed the following plan which they believe will not only meet, but exceed Kudler’s expectations for the program.

Statement of Scope and Goals
A properly implemented customer loyalty program “recaptures and reinforces a company’s most profitable customers by keeping them involved in company initiatives, offering them rewards, and sending personalized messages” (Streeter, 2009). In order for Kudler Fine Foods to accomplish such an ambitious task, the goals associated with the project need to be specified. Based upon both the service request sr-kf-013 and the Kudler Fine Foods website, one can assume the following goals must be achieved:

1. Develop a sophisticated software package that will allow Kudler Fine Foods to track purchases and award customers points based on shopping frequency. 2. Expand services and increase revenue for Kudler Fine Foods. 3. Program should provide increased efficiency and lower cost for Kudler Fine Foods.

With the above goals defined, one can begin to decide what functions will be necessary for this project to take flight. A business function is defined as a group of logically connected tasks performed together, in some logical sequence, to accomplish an objective or deliver a business product (Rush, 2009). Many logical functions must be achieved in order to accomplish the above goals:

1. The software must accurately track customer behaviors. This includes purchases made and the frequency of which they are made. These usage statistics should be easy for Kudler Fine Foods to access and evaluate. 2. The software must follow the loyalty point architecture defined by Kudler Fine Foods. This means that the program will need to define how many points are needed to award which gifts. 3. The software must provide point tracking services for members and inventory tracking services for Kudler Fine Foods. 4. The software should provide an easy input method for the insertion of new promotions and coupon tracking.

Supporting Measures for Success
We will use the following benchmarks to determine whether the program has met the goals stated above: 1. A software package shall be delivered to Kudler Fine Foods that is capable of recording the purchases of program members and consistently awarding points based on those purchases. The package shall be developed within Kudler’s stated budget and delivered by the deadline agreed to by Kudler and Team C Consulting. The software will be simple enough that back-end user training will take no more than four (4) hours. The software will be invisible to POS operators, and should require no additional training. Members will swipe their program cards in the same readers they would swipe their credit cards. 2. Based on increased business from program members and stocking that is more customized to their needs, Kudler shall experience a 15% increase in revenue within 12 months of implementing the software. 3. Kudler shall...