Bsa 310 Riordan Business Systems Review

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Riordan Manufacturing Business System Review
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April 22, 2011
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Riordan Manufacturing has been on a steady growth pattern since it began in 1991. Riordan currently has multiple databases handling separate aspects of the company. Each branch of Riordan Manufacturing has its own databases for human resources, sales, accounting and finance, operations and security. This paper presents the problems this type of system can cause and recommendations of a system that will integrate all locations regardless of city, state or country. These recommendations will integrate Riordan’s business systems by creating a central location for the information resulting in a streamlined, efficient system that can grow with the company.

Riordan Manufacturing is a leader in the global plastics industry. It employs over 550 people across the globe, with offices in Michigan, Georgia, California and China. It has esteemed customers ranging from commercial consumer to government contracts, and its revenues total over $50 million annually. Despite these accomplishments, Riordan Manufacturing suffers from a faulty business system environment and therefore its business operations are not realized to their fullest extent. To this end, Team A was tasked to fulfill the service request for Riordan Manufacturing to remedy this issue. All systems were reviewed and analyzed separately, with proposals for each that would best create an organization conducive to Riordan’s business endeavors. So as to understand these recommendations, Team A saw fit to also expound on the definition of each of the major systems in Riordan’s enterprise: Finance and Accounting; Sales and Marketing; Human Resources and Legal; Operations; IT Security.

Finance and Accounting

Business systems for finance and accounting can vary widely in their function and processes depending upon the scope of the organization. For a small to medium sized business, the system required to fulfill their needs might be served by a single software package purchased over-the-counter from a local store. Regardless of the scale, however, there are several basic processes that any competent finance and accounting system must address:

• Point-of-sale and general ledger

• Inventory Control and Asset Management

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Billing

• Purchasing

• Enterprise Resource Management

In addition to these fundamental business processes, the architecture of this business system should also fully integrate with complementary systems like those of Sales and Marketing, or Operations. All of the money flows through finance and accounting, so debatably every other can be affected by how effective (or ineffective) this system is. It should be the first and most reliable system implemented in any organization. Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing are both disparate systems in any business organization. They each have their own methodical procedures and processes to deliver specific services to their customers (internal and external), or value-added chain. A successful Sales system will make extensive use of customer relationship management, as well as monitoring and reporting of the sales cycle, lead qualification, and forecasted sales. Likewise, a Marketing system will incorporate marketing campaign or program planning and tracking, reporting, analytics and metrics of targeted market segments, lead generation, and iMarketing. They are distinct in their functions and distinct in their earned value analysis. However, the two should not be thought of as separate entities.

Instead, they should be integrated at all possible levels in a single system. Sales and marketing are in fact, inseparable: marketing drives customers towards sales through their programs, whether as direct sales through leads or indirect sales through...
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