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Novel - Nicholas Spark's - 'A walk to remember'
Chetan Bhagat - Two States

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Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Lyrics
Bryan Adams - Heaven Lyrics
Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 Lyrics
Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me Lyrics
Bryan Adams - Here I Am Lyrics
Bryan Adams - I Will Be Right Here Waiting For You Lyrics Bryan Adams - All For Love Lyrics
Bryan Adams - I Finally Found Someone Lyrics
Bryan Adams - When You Love Someone Lyrics
Bryan Adams - Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman Lyrics

? Everyday, I Wait For A Text. :'(

? Everyday I See You I Wait For A Hello. :'(

? Everyday I Check My Facebook To See If You Wrote On My Wall. :'(

? Everyday I Tell My Friends How Much I Adore You. :'(

? Everyday I Find Myself Let Down. :'(

? But Everyday I Still Find Hope... :'(

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