Brutus: an Honorable Man

Topics: Roman Republic, Augustus, Mark Antony Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: March 15, 2013
“Well Brutus you are noble, but I can tell that honorable qualities can be given in a new direction.” – Cassius. This quote spoken by Cassius shows his need to get Brutus to be part of the conspirators. This quote also reveals that many people adore Brutus and that he is a honorable man. The play “Julius Caesar” was written by William Shakespeare and takes place during the time of Caesar’s reign in Rome. Various characters, like the conspirators,  loath how ambitious Caesar was so they decided to stop his control of Rome. Being caught in middle, Brutus’s sense of patriotism and his integrity coerced him to two vital decisions, the death of Caesar and his own death.

Brutus’s level of patriotism is inconsequential to the story because plays a factor in many of his important decisions . Brutus exhibits patriotism throughout the play, such as his loyalty of his country over a friend. During the play,  Brutus becomes increasingly patriotic because he concurs with the conspirator's beliefs about Caesar. The conspirators decided to initiate Brutus to their group because doing so would make the eventual assassination seem more noble and worthy. They believed if the people discovered that friends of Caesar were killing him, the assassination would be justified. During the planning of Caesar’s assassination, Cassius wanted revenge, but because Brutus was so patriotic he continuously expressed to the conspirators that they had to do it for the benefit of the country. Brutus did not believe that killing him for no appearnent reason was the most worthy way so before he made his final decision, he knew it was for the common good. This following quote was said by both Cassius and Brutus. Brutus claims that he is frightened of Caesar becoming king of Rome. Cassius gets Brutus to explain his thoughts and that allows Brutus to understand the meaning of why Caesar must be killed. “I was born free as Caesar; so were you.” – Cassius “What you have said I will consider.” – Brutus...
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