Brunei Oil Research (Foresight Theory and Practise

Topics: Brunei, The Brunei Times, Media of Brunei Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: February 21, 2013

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In the 1980s, Brunei Darussalam were warned that oil will run out in about 20 years’ time which should be around now (2011). Fortunately, with the help of technology and blessings, Brunei has been able to survive. But there will be a point in time when no matter how much technology we use the oil will finish. (Bruneiresources, 2006) When interviewing with my uncle after explaining the introduced concept. He told me that he agrees with my theory of getting ready / preparation for the nightmare to come, Anything or alternatives may happens, it can be bad or good. To ultimate the art of Foresight, What you have to do is to prepare yourselves and have the ability to surf with the waves when the “Tsunamis of changes” arrives. Sometimes it happens slowly and you have to realise it quickly and scan for trends and adapt with it, it is the way to survive. When my uncle asked me what I have learnt in the foresight theory class I told him “the future’ cannot be studied because ‘the future ‘does not exist”. Using previous experience and knowledge for viewing the future is not efficient under “Dator’s first law”; it is just “the basis of our thinking”. Being creative, awareness, innovative, accommodate the changes is one of the solution for the problems. After hearing this, my uncle said this concept of mine reminds him of “Master Zen’s quotes “Emptying the cup” (, 2010). He said that one should empty their mind in order to accept and learnt new thing. This is also related to the importance of “beginner’s mind”. On the other hand my uncle said “learning from pass experience or history can be good as well, this means that you will not repeat the history or follow the wrong step again”. Using NAURU as example, Nauru used to be one of the richest independent nation/island in the world because of their natural resources- “Phosphate”. One day, the people of Nauruan woke up and realises their resources was finishing and their beautiful...
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