Bruce Dawe Themes

Topics: Poetry, Simile, Metaphor Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Bruce Dawe themes
Bruce Dawe is a poet who inscribes not only controversial pieces of poetry but also poems that depict his own personal experiences in life. As many would say it Dawe is “an ordinary bloke, with a respect for the ordinary” because he writes as a delegate to the everyday Australian. The two poems that represent the daily themes of life are Katrina and Homecoming. Katrina is a poem concerning a young girl who is inevitably dying and her father who is undoubtedly grieving. It illustrates the theme of parent’s loving their daughter indefinitely by using a variety of poetic techniques such as metaphor, simile and rhetorical question. By using these remarkable techniques it aids the readers in fully acknowledge the love the persona has for his daughter. Initially, the poet employs similes in order to demonstrate his theme of parental love. For example he uses the simile “… your life shines like a jewel, each relapse a flash of light the more endearing” (Stanza 1) proves that the persona genuinely loves his daughter. How does the poet confirm this? By the comparing of Katrina to a jewel, it shows that she is precious and valued to the persona. Through affirming this quote, he is stating that a relapse in Katrina’s health is akin to the adoration readers would have when shining light onto a precious jewel. At a point where one has to surrender this jewel, one will love it even more. That is the poet’s aim in this simile; the closer he gets to losing her, the more he will love her. Due to this technique, the audience can perceive the powerful parental love that the persona has for Katrina by relating it to their love for a jewel. Hence, by using similes the viewers are able to better understand the theme in Katrina. Moreover, the utilisation of metaphors has enhanced the poet’s idea of endless parental love. For instance, the quote “… now you are suspended between earth and sky” (Stanza 1) declares the true love the persona has for his daughter. By...
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