Brts Customer Satisfaciton

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To study future preferences & satisfaction level of BRTS customer with reference to Ahmedabad city.
Ms.Bhoomi Patel
Ms.Purvi Patel
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to know BRTS customer‘s future preference & satisfaction level of Ahmedabad city. Methodology – we have used convenience sampling method for knowing preferences & satisfaction level of RBTS customer .Research instrument is unstructured questionnaire. Our sample size is 150 BRTS customer of Ahmedabad city. Research limitations/implications – This study is limited for Ahmedabad city only so the result of the study should not be used for other city. This study will be useful for BRTS service provider for knowing BRTS customer‘s future preference. Findings: Most of the BRTS customers are satisfied with the current services of BRTS but there future preference for BRTS is for concession to smartcard users, controller in BRTS, 24 hour services, music system & it should be Double Decker.


The Government of Gujarat had declared 2005 the ‘Year of Urban Development’ (Shaheri Vikas Varsh). During this particular year, the urban development department undertook various initiatives to resolve urban issues such as traffic management, and the introduction and enhancement of a city transport system. The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB), AMC and Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA) jointly drafted a comprehensive urban mobility plan keeping in mind the needs of Ahmedabad as a mega city, and included in it, the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and the planning of the regional rail and metro for future years. Started in 2009, BRTS today has ambitious projections for the future to make the citizens' lives smoother. The service which began with just a 12.5 km stretch in 2009 is spread over 45 km today benefiting around 1.4 lakh passengers daily. BRTS, which started with a fleet of 12 buses, has 75 buses today and the figures will increase to 150-200 buses by next year. "Presently, 1.4 lakh passengers travel on BRTS bus daily and the income generated is Rs8.25 lakh. With the increase in number of buses, we are expecting our income to reach Rs13-14 lakh on daily basis and our total passengers will increase to 2 lakh," stated Pedia.

The Ahmedabad municipal corporation, AUDA and GOG organized a series of broad based consultations as part of preparation of statutory development plan, city development part, integrated public transit system plan and BRTS plan.

Ahmedabad BRTS is a highly ambitious rapid transport system develop by “Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board” (GIDB)
Bus Rapid Transit System or BRTS is a bus based high quality, high capacity rapid transit system that delivers fast, comfortable and cost effective urban mobility. In a BRT system, vehicles travel in exclusive lanes, thus avoiding congestion. There is provision of segregated right-of-way infrastructure, rapid and frequent bus operations, easy boarding and alighting facilities for the passengers and excellence in marketing and customer service.  BRT combines the performance and amenities of a modern rail based transit system with the flexibility and cost advantages of roadway transit.  BRT can be built in phases with future expansion options. BRT is a cost effective transit option available to improve the environment, enhance mobility and promote livable cities. Characteristics of a BRTS System

* A flexible, high performance rapid transit mode that combines a variety of physical, operating and system elements into a permanently integrated system with a quality image and unique identity * Some of the characteristics of a BRT system which distinguishes it from a normal bus service are: * Segregated bus lanes

* Prepaid / Automated ticketing systems
* Safe, secure and accessible stations
* Platform level boarding
* Quality service
Bright Features of BRTS
Latest Fuel Technology
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