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Browser War

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Worksheet for Discussion Questions:
The Browser War

1. What person wrote the first browser program? What was the program named?

The person that wrote the first browser program was Marc Andreesen and it was named Mosaic Online.

2. What businessman helped organize Netscape?

The businessman who helped organize Netscape was Jim Clark.

3. Why was Microsoft so concerned when Netscape suddenly became popular?

Netscape had spread like wildfire and Microsoft had nothing to do with it. Microsoft had owned the software platform, but the Netscape browser could have been an alternate platform for competitors, making the playing field even.

4. When was Internet Explorer announced? What was the symbolism of this date?

It was announced on the anniversary on the attack of Pearl Harbor. It was called the “Pearl Harbor day” and they were planning to attack Netscape with everything they had.

5. What was Marc Andreesen’s comment of “not so good” all about and why did it generate so much publicity and ill will and ultimately help lead to the demise of his company?

Marc Andreessen was in the press scorning Microsoft and the quality of their software. His comments were the equivalent of a slur on Bill Gates’ mother. These comments angered Microsoft engineers and motivated them to fight against Netscape and fight to build a better web browser.

6. What event marked the “end” of the browser war? When was this?

The even that marked the “end” of the browser war was the launch of Internet Explorer 4 in September 1997.

7. What happened to Netscape?

A year later, Netscape was acquired by AOL.

8. What was Jim Clark’s initial investment and then final return from Netscape?

He initially invested 5 million, and in the end made close to 2 billion.

9. Who was Microsoft’s “new enemy” after the demise of Netscape, and why?

The United States Government was Microsoft’s...

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