Brownloaf Mactaggart Organizational Behavior Study

Topics: Culture, The Culture, Employment Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: January 30, 2013
“Brownloaf MacTaggart – Control and Power in a Management Consultancy” Watkins Internationals acquisition of the small engineering consultancy practice, Brownloaf MacTaggart produced unfavorable results. Brownloaf MacTaggart was a small, tight-knit practice with an autonomous work environment. Watkins, on the other hand, was an international enterprise with many rules and regulations. On paper and in thought, the acquisition seemed to be a good idea with the probability to increase the company’s profitability; Brownloaf MacTaggart was a small but very successful engineering consultancy practice, Watkins International was a multi-divisional management consultancy practice who experienced a lot of success in growth by acquisition and had been looking to expand by acquiring an engineering consulting company. However, the disregard for the mismatch of cultures between the two companies, and the leadership from within Brownloaf MacTaggart created problems that will ultimately have a negative affect on the productivity and profitability of the Brownloaf MacTaggart division of Watkins International. The acquisition created a division between the two preexisting cultures of each company. Looking at BM using Edgar Schein’s iceberg model of culture, we can infer values that the company held based on their behaviors that were manifested in the work they did (Mills et al. 2009). From its start in 1962, BM had built up their success by its unique specialization in its field and by taking on modest projects, offering unique and innovative solutions, and keeping prestigious customers. From this, it can be inferred that they valued high quality service, innovation, and pride in their practice. To use the same framework to understand the values in the culture of Watkins International, we must look at the behavior of the company. Watkins is a worldwide company employing over 70,000 people. It is constantly trying to expand its business and has standardized practices such as time...
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