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I. Target Market
a.) Demographics
b.) Psychographics
c.) Needs
d.) Wants

II. Product
a.) Features
Gotta Love Brownie is one homemade dessert guaranteed to bring smiles to faces of young and old people. Imagine having a dessert that is ready to be eaten in just over an hour? This homemade brownie comes in handy during such moments. Gotta Love Brownie is covered with gooey chocolate that produces a small bite-sized that will melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffle that looks as good as it tastes.

b.) Advantages
If you’d like to enjoy an appetizing sweet bar, our homemade product is good for you and your family! Why not try making a delicious brownie together? One of the advantages of making your own brownie is getting your family into the kitchen. Involving your kids in the preparation of food would be great since it is a common knowledge that kids love to eat sweets and might as well be a participant in producing something delicious. Another advantage in making your own brownie is that you can save money. The ingredients it takes to make brownies from scratch can cost far less than ordering or buying brownies these days. One final advantage in making your own brownie instead of ordering or buying it is that you can control the ingredients that go into your brownie. You can be absolutely certain of the environment it was made in. These advantages sum up the way we bake and produce brownies. Kids love it and as for an assurance, we can let you customize your brownie. Next, our homemade product is much cheaper and lastly, we can guarantee you that the ingredients we are using is 100% likeable and clean. To be able to make a great tasting brownie so easily is a skill to be proud of so why not try our homemade product?

c.) Benefits
There’s something about our homemade product that we are definitely proud of: its gooeyness and...
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