Brown V Board of Education

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Jacqueline Your
Professor Barber
EDU 115
Research Paper
November 17th 2012
Brown V Board of Education
Brown v Board of Education was one of the most monumental Supreme Court decisions in education for the United States. Prior to 1954 African Americans and Whites were sent to separate schools and the quality of education although was very much not the equal. In 1962 integration came to the state of Virginia. My grandmother was in school at this point in time and talking to her about her experiences has opened my eyes greatly to what she had to deal with during her schooling.

Brown versus Board of Education was a Supreme Court case that decided that states laws about having separate school for African Americans and Whites was unlawful and unconstitutional. The case began as a Class Action Suit in Topeka, Kansas when 13 parents decided it was unlawful for their children to have to walk over a mile to go to their segregated elementary school when there was a white school just a few blocks from their residences. The case shot up through the courts and when it got to the Supreme Court it was combines with four other cases including ones from Virginia, Delaware, and South Carolina. This case was front page news when it was going on due to the fact that this one case affected every single state’s way of dealing with educating. There were very extreme opinions on both sides and they were often spoken of.

My grandmother, Sandra Killingsworth, was in Elementary School when the decision of Brown vs Board of Education was made in 1954. She attended EC Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia from 1960-1964. Lynchburg at the time was a very conservative Southern Virginian town which was made up of hard working blue collared men and traditional families. Racism was high due to the general society life in the south and everything from the bathrooms to the restaurants was segregated. Lynchburg was also the home to the great televangelist Jerry Falwell, the founder of...
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