Brown Bag Speech

Topics: Grammy Award winners, 21st century, Dave Matthews Band Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Brown Bag Speech Rough Draft Outline

Name:Jordyn Hallford Date: 1/25/2011 ClassDay/Time: TR 9:25am

A.Grabber: Would you ever think that this girl would love to camp out for four days in the middle of a field in the peak of summer with no access to a shower?

B.Thesis: Yeah, me either but last summer made me a bit more open minded to the idea.

C.Preview of speech: Over the next few minutes you’ll see how these four sweaty days turned into the best days of my summer.

Transition: Let me explain,

II.Body Support I:
A. I got the opportunity to go to a music and arts festival called ‘Bonnaroo’ for free!

B. I got a call from a friend letting me know that I have a free ticket and that we were leaving in just a few hours.

C. I had to come up with a good plan to get out of work really quickly to be able to go.

Transition: Finally,

III.Body Support II:
A. When we arrived I was amazed by everything that I was experiencing.

B. There was 700 acres of field covered in tents, hippie vans, and RV’s.

C. I felt like I was at what would be the 21st century Woodstock.

Transition: In fact,

IV.Body Support III:
A. I met some very interesting, different people and became well acquainted with tie-dye!

B. There were over 200 artists there and I got the opportunity to see some really great ones such as Dave Matthews Band, Weezer, Kings of Leon, Jay Z, Stevie Wonder, Blues Traveler, and Tori Amos.

Transition: Although,

A.Restate thesis: We had to sleep in tents for four days and had to walk a mile just to get to a sink to brush our teeth it was so worth it.

Clincher: Having an open mind was the best thing I did all summer and I look forward to going back to Bonnaroo year after year!
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