Brown Bag Speech

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Brown Paper Bag Speech

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” I chose to put this quote on my paper bag because it is a quote that I believe everyone should live by, and it is also my life’s motto. I also chose to decorate this bag with fall leafs for two reasons. One, because fall begins on September 22nd, and two, fall is one of my favorite seasons. Now I will show you a few things that both describe me and are most important to me.

The first thing I chose to put in my bag is a block of wood that my sister bought for me that says, “If I look confused it is because I’m thinking.” It’s not something that describes me fully, just something that describes a part of me. The reason I believe that it describes me is because for practically my whole life I have always been told that I either think too much or I think too deeply about things. Unfortunately, when I think about things, I have the tendency to leave my mouth wide open and my eyes staring at something or someone. That’s when the, “if I look confused,” part comes in. Something my grandmother has always told me is that I need to keep my mouth shut or the flies will come in, which eventually ended up happening.

The second thing I chose to put in my bag are some pictures of my family. I have my grandparents, all my aunts and uncles, my mother and sister, my fiancé and baby, and finally my dog Dori. The reason I chose these pictures to put in my bag is because I couldn’t stress enough how much my family members mean to me. I have had several friends either lose their brother, mother, or even grandparents, and it makes me WANT to cherish every moment with my family and REALIZE that I should. It also makes me thank God for the family that he blessed me with.

The third thing I decided to put in my brown paper bag is my Bible. The reason I chose my Bible is because without it, I think I would feel extremely lost. Ever since I was about 6 years old I have grown up in...
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