Brothers Grimm

Topics: Snow White, Brothers Grimm, Fairy tale Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Intro: Fairy tales are things we know to be true. We are believed that if we have a hard life to grow into, a "prince" one day will come and give us a kiss and make it all better. "bring us back to life" if you will, as we grow up we open our eyes to the possibility of landing flat on our face and throwing up a poisonous apple and dealing with life on our own before our "prince" comes to save us.

Thesis: Betrayal and Jealousy may throw a pity party for the step-mother. The betrayal of a husband and insecurities in yourself will bring out the worst in you.
Meaning of the poem: The poem "The Envious Heart" was written by Helane Levine Keating, was written in inspiration by the quote portraying the tale of Snow White, by the Brothers Grimm, "Then her envious heart had rest, so far as an envious heart can have rest." written by the Brothers Grimm. This poem is how negativity ruins us all. How broken promises and wanting to be enough of something or perfect at anything will destroy our once kind hearts. As betrayal was showed in the quote "He said he rarely saw her, although she was his daughter." Giving a fair meaning of how she thought it would just be her king and her and no one would interfere, her jealousy was shown when she stated "When they're together she's his queen, the black-eyed slut, calling him daddy." letting the worse of her become her words. The mirror held great representation throughout the poem, she said that the mirror made her feel invincible; all she sees in the mirror is "her sneering face, her wide lips mimicking mine." No matter how pretty the step mother may have been she never acknowledged herself but rather the step daughter. She felt disrespected and less then what the king had promised her. She was a step mother coming into a new family and her insecurities ate at her until it became her. To better understand where she is coming from, I’ll tell you about the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White.

The Brothers Grimm story of...
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