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Brotherhood of Street Racers

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Brotherhood of Street Racers

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IMO:My Two Cents-

I am a street racer, and have been for 25 plus years. Now a 15-17 year old kid does not have the best judgment, and 17-25 also make mistakes, but should those mistakes make him or her a convicted felon. Street racing goes on all over the U.S. and is so underground right now that you would not know it is even going on, we raced on the NEWS one mile from the police station, were the NEWS reporters had been at that same police station the night before interviewing the cops and they said they did not have a street race problem in their town. We are not the ones on the NEWS lately, the ones on the NEWS today are the stop light to stop light high school crowd who have recently lost their lives answer a challenge from someone they do not even know. In the 50's the Santa Ana Police department came up with a solution to get street racers off the street and it turn into the NHRA. In the 70's LAPD also started up an organization to curb street racing, it is THE BROTHERHOOD OF STREET RACERS. Don Garlits, Shirley Mulldowney, Don The Snake Prudome, Larry Dixion, Corey Mac, (hey Freiburger, Corey was street racing around Orange County and Larry was also doing it in SFV around the same time you were street racing in the Valley) The founder of NHRA Wally Parks to name a few were all street racers, today they would be criminals.

Shirley Muldowney


In fact she became somewhat of a notorious local street racer in the early days, but was quickly drawn to a growing form of auto competition called drag racing.

Shirley Muldowney Biography Page

NHRA Founder
in his high school years, he became active in building stripped-down Model-T's for use on the street

NHRA Media: NHRA Founder Wally Parks

Street racing started as early as the early 40's, by 1950s Wally Parks got together with the local police to try and organize street racers, and it became the NHRA. So Cal had some great tracks to race...

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