Brother vs. Sister

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  • Published : May 31, 2010
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Brother vs. Sister
Family is one thing that cannot be taken from me. My brother and sister have been there with me through thick and thin. My brother Jesse and sister Jocelyn are two of my closest friends and two of my worst enemies at some times. We can get along and share conversations about personal stuff, then switch into enemy mode and are the worst of enemies. My brother and sister are different and alike in many ways, which changes my relationship with each. Even though we fight, the good times replace the bad times and at the end of the day I still love them both. Jesse is my younger brother, he is fifteen years old and was born May 8, 1994. At an early age he discovered and grew a passion for sports. He’s become a good athlete who loves to be active. At the age of six he began to play soccer and was on his first team. His passion for soccer has grown, as he gets older his passion for football has as well. He has been part of the football and soccer team at his high school and plays with friends as well. Along with his passion for sports he loves music. His favorite genres are Rap, Reggaeton, and Mexican music on his I-Pod. He cannot live or go anywhere without it. Along with his passion for music is his hobbies and interests. He enjoys cooking at our family restaurant and has become a great cook over the years and enjoys cooking for family and friends. He also enjoys shoes, going to the gym, and is involved in DECA at school. As a person Jesse has goals to gain knowledge in further education. He strives to be better in everyday life and hopes to attend a community college in his future. Jesse is a nice, sweet, caring, helpful, and outgoing person. He is a kid that gets along with everyone. My relationship with him is very open. We can discuss every topic in our lives, including our deepest secrets. We usually get along but can have our moments where we hate each other with every ounce of blood in our bodies. We can scream and...
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