Brother Hood

My Eulogy For My Beloved Cousin Herschel aka Pappy

First of all, on behalf of the family I just wanted to say Thank you for being here today and … As I stand here today and look at every one, inside I feel very Happy. I’m Happy because I see all the people that love Herschel.

When some people look at Herschel… some people may see a tough guy. They may see a strong guy who is ready for a fight, but every time I look at Herschel, I saw different… I saw Love, I saw Caring, I saw a Hard Worker and I saw some one who wanted to be loved. I always looked for the good in Herschel because I always knew it was there.

Herschel was my cousin, my brother, my friend, and my homie. We shared some good times as well as some bad times together.

I remember when we all started our bond as Bloods together it was not what our family took it to be, but to us we were all we had in them streets.

I also remember Herschel always saying K-Mob people think we dumb you know!! I know about the Bible, the Holy Quran and I know that you don’t need a middleman to get to God… In our lives, we in general, we are humans have done things that we’re not proud of. There are things in our lives that we have done that we wish we could change. I know that there is many that I would change.

Herschel was not perfect, but I do know he love his Family, his Kids, and the Woman who he says change his life “Princess”

Herschel was a rarity. If he ENTERED your life, he CHANGED your life.

His Internal Optimism and Strength never let you pity him despite all the hardship he endured. His out look on life opened your eyes to the simplicity and joy of life that you were over looking.

His generosity and unselfishness inspired me to do more for the people around me.

When you were around him, He just made you want to live life to the fullest. His legacy is here today. His legacy is all of us. It’s every one he inspired. Because of our love for him Herschel will never be forgotten. It’s...
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