Brooklyn, Not Just a Place an Experience

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Welcome to Brooklyn: Not Just A Borough, An Experience
“Welcome to Brooklyn: How sweet it is!” ( Signs.htm) This is a common saying posted on a sign which can be seen when entering Brooklyn, NY from its neighboring borough Staten Island. In the true spirit of how different Brooklyn is, there are seven different signs including this first one mentioned which say welcome to Brooklyn and two which say leaving Brooklyn in a special Brooklyn kind of way Brooklyn, New York is one of the five boroughs of New York City which is filled with a cornucopia of history within New York City. “Historic Brooklyn NY is home to everyone from everywhere - we are the world's neighborhood, the borough that puts the "new" in New York City. Brooklyn is big, it's diverse, and it's got something for everyone - this is the real New York! You name it, Brooklyn's got it, history, beaches, including Brighton Beach, parks, New York’s only aquarium, Coney Island, ethnic enclaves, night clubs, hip art galleries & museums, world-class shopping. It's all here, and you're invited to come and experience all that Brooklyn NY has to offer” (Brooklyn Tourism) Any person who goes to Brooklyn will probably be shocked by how different it is from many other places. “Welcome to Brooklyn: Believe The Hype! — BQE, westbound, at Kosciuszko Bridge.” ( Every person should definitely believe all the hype because there are so many things to see and so many differences. This ranges from the difference in people’s accents to how at any time of day or night it is inevitable you can always find something to do, or even the food. As they say New York is the town that never sleeps, and Brooklyn definitely fits into that category. There are not many places in the world that have public transportation such as Brooklyn’s subway system that runs 24 hours a day. However Brooklyn was not always the way, the subways did not always exist, it was not as populated as it is today, and in fact it wasn’t always called Brooklyn, and people did not always talk with the Brooklyn slang which is often spoken today. The history behind Brooklyn is part of what has made our country today. “Welcome to Brooklyn: Like No Other Place In The World! — Pulaski Bridge, southbound, midspan” Taking a step back in time during the early 1600’s the Dutch were the first group of people whom settled in an area on the western end of Long Island. At this time the area was largely inhabited by Native Americans who were called the Lenape. The first Dutch settlement was in 1634 in an area called Midwout now known to be Midwood. The Dutch then continued to purchase land from another Native American tribe the Mohawks, the areas purchased are present day Gowanus, Red Hook, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Bushwick. Brooklyn was originally called the Village of Breuckelen and it became the first true city of what is now New York. Brooklyn was originally named after Breuckelen which was a providence of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Utrecht became the name of one of the villages that were later purchased and it called New Utrecht today, other villages included what is called today Bushwick, and Flatlands. Even in present day some homes and cemeteries will bear witness to the Dutch origins which once populated Brooklyn.

In 1664 the British gained command of Breuckelen in the battle known as the conquest of New Netherland. In 1683 the British began to recognize New York as being divided into twelve different counties, each of which was then sub-divided into towns. Kings County was one of the original counties which consisted of Brooklyn being a town in it. In 1776 the Battle of Long Island also known as the Battle of Brooklyn was fought in Kings County. This battle was not only the first major battle to take place after the signing of the Declaration of Independence but it was also one of the largest battles which took place. During this time New York...
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