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One of Bronfenbrenner’s ideas that have influenced my development is Microsystem. In this idea I believe that family and school helped with my personal development. Starting at a young age my parents taught me wrong from right. My parents also showed me how to be loving and caring towards others. Having not just my parents but different family members in my life growing up even now as an adult, I feel they help instill certain values to make me the women I am today. I feel that we grow up to be just like our parents, we begin to do and say things our parents did. When I am blessed to have children of my own I hope to do the same. School is another source I feel helped influenced my development. In school I have always had teacher’s that took the time to teach me and truly believe in me. They would always encourage me to do my best because they knew I had so much potential. As a teacher now I use those same words of encouragement that I received and to help encourage the many children that I come across. Bronfenbrenner states “Compared to American children, Iraqis have grown up with a different perspective of freedom, economic opportunity, cultural values, and of course, safety.” (Witt, G.A. & Mosser, R.A. 2010 Sect 2.8, par 5)This I believe is caused by the environment they have grown up in. Our environments have a stronger influence on adult development because we tend to blend with the type of environment we are in. For example if you are surrounded by goal driven people you too will be influence in trying to achieve your goals. I believe that you are a product of your environment. Bronfenbrenner(2010). Adult Development and Life Assessment. San Diego, Ca. Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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