Bromine: Chemical Element and Average Atomic Mass

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Name: Bromine
Element Symbol: Br
Atomic Number: 35
Average atomic Mass: 79.904
Name of chemical Family: Halogen
State at Room temp: liquid
Properties: Melting point: -7.2˚С
Boiling Point: 58.78˚С
Density: 3.12g/ml
Colour: red brown
Clarity: Slightly Transparent
Odour: Acrid smell similar to chlorine
Uses: water purification,
Pesticides (methyl bromide)
Make plastics flame retardant
Mild sedative (sodium bromide)
Year of Discovery: 1826 in France.
Name of Discoverer(s): Antoine-J. Balard
Origin of name: from the Greek word "bromos" meaning "stench" Main source: seawater, underground salt mines, and deep brine wells, usually found in oceans Health concerns: cause severe burns on the skin

Its vapour damages irritates the tissues of the eyes, nose, and throat

Bohr-Rutherford Model: Number of Protons/Electrons: 35; Number of Neutrons: 45

By: Rebecca Huang


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It has 35 protons and 45 neutrons.

Chemical Family:


State at Room Temp:


Name of Discoverer:

Antoine-J. Balard

Origin of Name:

From the Greek word "bromos" meaning "stench"


-Water purification,
-Pesticides (methyl bromide)
-Used in manufacture of photographic film (silver bromide)
-Mild sedative (sodium bromide)

Properties:ure of photographic film (silver...
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