Broken Windows Theory

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“Broken window theory”
“Broken window theory” states that if a broken window is not quickly repaired, other windows will break, creating a sense of public apathy and neglect that attracts criminals. “The broken window theory” was good crime-fighting strategy that made people feel a little safer and was able to respect their fellow officers on foot rather than their patrol cars. The theory was brought into perspective to stop minor offenses and restoring greater order to prevent serious crimes. Annotated Bibliography

Johnson, Carolyn. Break through on “broken windows theory”. In Lowell experiment, crime linked to conditions. The Boston Globe, February 8, 2008 [1] The theory posits that if law enforcement entities to tolerate or fail to take seriously minor misdemeanor crime offenses, the potential criminals will recognize such tolerance or leniency which in turn leads to the commission of additional and possibly more serious crimes. The broken window theory argues that not taking seriously minor misdemeanor offenses such as graffiti, litter, and shattered glass will eventually lead to possibly more serious Grey2

crimes. That is so true; it sends a signal that no one cares about their neighborhood they would get tired of the little petty crime and move on to the bigger ones. If there isn’t any trash cans around it are more likely there will be litter because no one cared enough to put trash cans in the neighborhoods and enforce it. I feel as though it was a strategy that fixes problems when they are small, and so that the problems do not escalate so the residents don’t flee their neighborhoods. “The theory suggests that a disorderly environment sends a message that no one is in charge, increasing fear, weakening community controls and inviting criminal behavior”. Reading this statement and looking back at my community in...
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