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Broken Window Theory

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The Broken Window Theory is a theory in criminology stating that if you monitor and maintain urban environments in a well-ordered condition it could possibly prevent further vandalism as well as escalation into more serious crime. Growing up in a highly vandalized area and environment will make the children think that this is how it should be. The children start to develop what is called social and behavioral norms. They see what is happening around them and learn from their environment. If they see vandalism and crime happening and nothing being done to fix it or stop it they will possibly “do as others do” and this will lead into more serious crimes. The theory goes like this; If there is one broken window and it is left without repair soon there will be another broken window and so on. When an area is filled with “broken windows” criminals look at it as a place to commit more serious crimes because they know that no one cares about that area and the area is never patrolled. If they fix the broken window right away there won’t be crime, or as much crime in that particular area because the criminals know that someone cares about that place. In a vandalized area, families are more scared to go outside and they don’t want their children to play in the streets. It is more times than not that these areas are more poverty stricken than other areas surrounding it. More criminals also live in these areas because they know they are safe there. There is a significant increase in calls for service in rundown areas from that of nicer areas. When a community is so over grown and so vandalized that is not a healthy way of living. People should never live in fear they should embrace where they live and be happy. Having order and maintenance in a community is detrimental for all of those involved in that community. If the area is kept up and clean, more people are willing to maintain the area will stay nice. If the area is nice more people within that...

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