Broken Window Theory

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 11 (3650 words) Published: April 24, 2013
SECR 5090 Criminal Behavior
Issue Paper I
18 March, 2013

1I. Briefly describe how different perspectives about human nature might influence how security professionals think about and approach the problem of crime and criminals.

For centuries society has depended upon the source of one’s lifestyle to be based off of social ethics and morals. Social ethics are viewed to be the foundational backbone in which one is expected to adhere to and demonstrate good morals. All though one is expected to act in such a way that is “morally correct,” individuals may become a product of their own environment. The continuous exposure to particular behavioral traits from one’s daily surroundingsOne’s daily environment tends to be the source of a of growing in the suburbs or growing up in a low income community in which daily exposure to certain traits and behavioral aspects causes and affect module; in which anone to individual becomese a product of his or her own environment. Society has instilled certain morals, and standards perceived to be acceptable and those perceived to be unacceptable. These acceptable and unacceptable standards are written as laws. Laws are written rules and regulations implemented to the public, in which are to be abided by. When choosing to abide by the designated laws of society, an individual is demonstratesing acts of conformity. The Conformity Perspective view “views humans as creatures of conformity who want to do the right thing.” (Bartol & Bartol, 4) Theory– human creatures beings inherently want to conform to laws and regulations to do the “right” thing and it is inherently within him or her to conform to the requirements of the law. Human beingsAn individual are basicallyessentially will people individuals’ who choose a course of action that the majority favors. TheA few main reasons as toing waywhy an individual wills chose to conform is (1) to gain acceptance; (2) to achieve societal/group goals; (3) to achieve personal goals; (4) and (4) to perpetuate the societal/group goals for long run. with good moral values butHowever, sometimes an individuals will make the wrong decisions that can lead to criminal misconduct. In some cases these individuals are not held responsible for their criminal misconduct if at the time of such conductit is the result of a mental disease disorderor defect. , At which, if an individual is suffering from a mental disorder at the time the crime was committed, they may or may not fully comprehend the severity of the criminal act. Ifhe or she at the time the individual lacks substantial capacity either to appreciate the criminality (wrongfulness) of his or hertheir conduct to conform to the requirements of the law. If the criminal act committed by the individual is the result of a mental deficiency and thus such act is demdeterminedonstrates that theto be a result of the disease or mental defectdeficiency substantially, the criminal act is negated. and directly influenced the mental or emotional process, or impaired his or hertheir ability to control behavior. In many cases the criminal act perpetrated by the individual can be mitigated by seeking mental health treatment treatment. In many cases individuals that possess a security clearance thatthat participate in criminal activity thatwho suffer from a mental health illness the act itself can be mitigated by seeking mental health therapy based on the severity of the criminal act itself. Additionally based upon the lapse timeframe period between each criminal act, in accordance to due to the 1thirteen3 adjudicative guidelines implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD) personnel security standards, such acts based upon the lapse between the each acts the potential for mitigation exists forof issuance of a conditional clearance or a fully adjudicated clearance may be issuedgranted by by the agencies consolidated adjudications facility. Also, due to the amount of time between criminal acts...
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