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Broken Promises

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A Broken Promise Steven Price|
Palm Beach State College|


While Campaigning for the 2008 Presidential election candidate Barrack Obama made his way to the Kennedy Space Center with his family for a political visit. While he was there he toured the 3.5 million square foot facility with his family, and met with the 14,000 people that were the heartbeat of the space program. After his tour of the facility he spoke to the people of the space coast and gave them false hope. He would go on in detail informing the current employees of the space program that their jobs were safe, and America would once inspire the world in space. This promise would soon turn into a lie and over 8,000 jobs were lost, and a town was left to pick up the pieces. The space center didn’t just launch rockets it built a community and supported thousands. The decision made by Barack Obama would send a ripple effect through the Brevard County, and change their economy for the worst. In the neighborhood of 20,000 people would end up leaving Brevard County in order to find work.

A Broken Promise
In America we are fortunate enough to elect a new President to lead are nation in to the future every four years. In months leading up to a Presidential election there is heavy campaigning by both the republican and democratic candidates. Each candidate travels state to state persuading voters to vote for their political party and policies. These policies are important because they will effect are country’s economy in the future; it is very important to for the candidates to be honest. When doing so sometimes candidates make promise they cannot always keep. As American we understand that not all these promises can be kept, but when is it too far? In the 2008 Presidential election between John McCain and Barrack Obama there was promises that were made and never delivered. During the summer of 2008 while campaigning for the presidential election Mr. Barrack Obama made his...

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