Brochure Review: American Sign Language

Topics: Sign language, American Sign Language, British Sign Language Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: June 25, 2011
Brochure Review: American Sign Language
By: Edward Richert

The brochure on American Sign Language is a brief history of the deaf community culture as well as the ASL (American Sign Language). With the advent of the ASL (American Sign Language) universal communication signs, have helped those who are deaf be more capable of communicating to others about the world around them. (On page 2) before then “it makes sense to assume that several different sign languages or types of signing were used in America prior to 1817” As English has changed over time so has American sign language. Signing has slowly moved upward toward the face for more facial emotional expression communications that can completely change what the signer is saying. For example: the signer could sign “I really like that person over there” and mean exactly what they’re saying, they really like that person over there. Then with just a little sarcasm in their body language they could sign the same thing and mean the completely opposite of what their signing, meaning I really don’t like that person over there. Just like the English language as nouns and verbs, so does sign language. Just by moving ones hand in a circular motion of one's hand, one could take the sign sick and be saying “to-be-sick-for-a-long-time” (found on page 15). As there is proper grammar in English there is also proper grammar in sign language. One wouldn’t say my shirt is dark blue when it is really light blue. (On page 12) you can see how by just changing the motion of your wrist can change what color your shirt really is. Subtle changes in signing can completely change what you mean so, learning how to sign properly is just as artistic as learning how to properly articulates and enunciated the word you speak.

My personal opinion of this brochure:

I was very surprised that there was no mention of Native American Indian sign language but then again if this brochure was any more detailed into the history of...
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