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-Air pollution has caused the quality of air to become unhealthy -Sixty percent of americans live in unhealthy air pollution levels -Vehicles in transportation cause air pollution from combustion engine exhaust. Examples of these vehicles are cars, trucks, jets, and air planes. -One of the worst places with air pollution is Los Angeles, California -Air pollution is all around the world

-Power lines and their high voltage cause air pollution
-Pesticides used to kill pests cause air pollution
-Burning fossil fuels causes air pollution also, factories, office buildings, and even houses do this

Why should we care?
Air pollution negatively affects a lot of things. This includes affecting trees, crops, plants, animals, lakes, buildings, and even people.

-Air pollution can cause some people to have cancer. We do not want another cause for people to have cancer.

-Some chemicals in the air can possibly cause death by inhaling it. If a chemical is really strong, it could possibly take away one's life.

More negative effects...

-Brain damage

-Nerve damage

-We need to reduce the amount of transportation. For example, instead of students who go to school by driving themselves, they should take the bus to reduce the amount of pollution caused by cars. Or, they should carpool with other kids.

-Workplaces should have a higher capacity so there aren't as many buildings causing air pollution. Even if it is a little crowded at work, its helping to reduce the air pollution.

-Use electric cars or one that is efficent in gas.

-Farmers should have research be done to find a better, more efficent alternative to kill pests.


In Los Angeles:
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