Broadway Cafe

Topics: Internet, Economics, Collaboration Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Business Dilemma.
In the past years, The Broadway Cafe has collaborated with the community by selling coffee coupon books to participant that might help to generate money or help in fundraising events. The company also involved in charitable programs and community activities and this is a great way to reach out and raise money in a community. In the case of the Broadway Cafe, there is a great concern with the loss of $0-$5 for participating in fundraising. The business can reduce the selling of coupon books in order to remain profitable in the business but in the long run the business would encounter future business profitability and broaden customer base. Selling coupon book is the right tool during that time as the business gain a competitive advantage over its competitors and at the same time, it helps to promote and attract more customers. But this coffee coupon book only benefits those who drink coffee so the company should find other ways that can benefit everyone. In order to continue to collaborate with the community and schools, the company should sponsor some of the games or team uniforms with a business logo design and then at those activities they should sell their products and give out coupons or free stuff to get people involved and coming to store. Community and schools or beneficiaries would rather buy their products and customers would remain loyalty to the business. In order for the company to raise the company’s profit and goodwill, the company should move into a digital economy by using internet for online collaboration and social networking. The company should create a website or social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter etc which are most popular recently. The using of online collaboration is more convenient and accessible for everyone. They can order and buy coupon book online or post comments and complaints that might help the company to improve its services. Online collaboration and social networking saves time...
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