Broader Social Context

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  • Published : September 25, 2008
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Question: What are the major components in sociology to see the broader social context?

Social Context:

In order to see the broader social context we must need to understand first what social context actually is? Social context is the indirect and direct influence of individuals that are in constant communication. It is basically a social environment in which people of different type lives. This environment influences the life of an individual and tells us how these people are influenced by their society i-e. a group of people sharing a same culture, tradition, religion or territory. It is all about how people of different classification differ from each other.

Broader Social Context:

To see the broader side of the social context or to find out the relation between the actions of people with their environment or to find out why people do what they are doing, we need to look at the social locations of the people, the corners in life that people occupy because of where they are located in the society.

We will talk briefly about the following factors which may help us see the broader social context:


Jobs or the place people work at can critically influence the way of thinking of an individual. Suppose, a person working for a multinational company has a total different mind set from that of a person who is working locally at some small store. It is because the one who is working for the multinational has a very good environment and he can think out of the box and explore many opportunities but on the other hand the one who is working in a small store can’t even concentrate on his work due to low pay and the big responsibilities on his shoulders.


When we talk about education we mean to say that how a person is being taught for his entire life and this experience of being taught can leave a good or bad impact on the personality of an individual and can change the total perspective of...
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