Broader Conceptions of Development: Assignment

Topics: Planned economy, Mixed economy, Market economy Pages: 6 (1789 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Chapter 2 Emerging Property Rights in China
P66 Mgmt. Focus: Broader Conceptions of Development: Amartya Sen

1. What prompted the new property law in China? Why did it take so long to actually develop the law? What promoted this new law was an effort developed for 14 years, and also the change in the economic system, from planned system to a dynamic market-based economy. It took so long because of the conflict between the political system and ideological view. Once the government is based on Marxism, and the new economic system differs with this characteristic of the government, there were ideas conflicts which explain why the new property law took so long.

2. China’s new law has implications for both urban land holders and rural land holders, but it is especially important for the latter group. Explain what China’s new property law means for farmers. For the farmers this new law is really important because it gives to them more secure property rights. It means that they will not be injured by appropriation of the housing and factory construction. If those companies want to take the farmers lands, they will have to provide compensations. -------------------------------------------------

Chapter 2 India's Transformation P81-82 Closing Case

1. What kind of economic system did India operate under during 1947 to 1990? What kind of system is it moving toward today? What are the impediments to completing this transformation? The economic system adopted was a mixed economy, but nowadays is moving towards market economy.

2. How might widespread public ownership of businesses and extensive government regulations have impacted (1) the efficiency of state and private businesses, (2) the rate of new business formation in India during the 1947-1990 time frame? How do you think these factors affected the rate of economic growth in India during this time frame?

3. How would privatizations, deregulation, and the removal of barriers to foreign direct investment effect the efficiency of business, new business formation, and the rate of economic growth in India during the post-1990 time period?

4. 4. India now has pockets of strengths in key high-technology industries such as software and pharmaceuticals. Why do you think India is developing strength in these areas? How might success in these industries help to generate growth in the other sectors of the Indian economy?

5. Given what is now occurring in the India economy, do you think the country represents an attractive target for inward investment by foreign multinationals selling consumer products? Why? -------------------------------------------------

Chapter 3 McDonald's in India P86-87 Opening Case

The opening case explores the unique challenges faced by McDonald’s in India. The cow is considered sacred in India’s Hindu culture prompting McDonald’s to alter its menu to offer mutton and chicken alternatives to its traditional beef burgers. McDonald’s now has over 130 restaurants in India and that number is expected to triple by 2011. However, the company was recently the target of negative reports when it was discovered that its French fries were cooked in oil that contained beef extract. Discussion of the case can revolve around the following questions:

1. McDonald’s has been reasonably successful in India, despite the country’s very different food culture. Why? 1. Do you think that McDonald’s could have and should have foreseen the problems it ran into in India when using beef extract in its oil? What could it have done differently? 2. How did McDonald’s change its product line to meet the needs of the Indian market? Does the Indian version of McDonald’s still maintain the company’s identity?


Chapter 3 Wal-Mart's Foreign Expansion P118-119 Closing Case

1. Do you think Wal-Mart could...
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