Broadcast Journalism

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Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast journalism provides a timely medium for individuals to obtain their news. Reporters have a duty to report the news in an accurate, fair, clear and interesting manner. Broadcast journalism differs to written journalism as radio and television are designed to be seen and heard sooner and more often than a daily or weekly newspaper therefore scripts for speaking to be broadcasted tend to be written differently than text to be read by the public.

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c * following up leads from contacts and using the internet and books to collect stories for news and interest features * going to the location to gather more background detail * attending press conferences, asking questions and ranking news stories in order of importance * writing stories and bulletins ready for presentation * editing tapes and scripts using specialist software so that they fit exactly into a time slot * planning interviews with key people and interviewing live on air, perhaps asking challenging questions * working to deadlines * specialising in a particular field such as politics, sport, the arts, history, popular science or crime * passing on write-ups of important Scottish news stories so that the London news team can present them.Conditions * You might be indoors or outdoors - outdoor work could be in all weathers and conditions. * You would work irregular hours including evenings, weekends and public holidays; shift work is common. * You sometimes travel locally or abroad, with overnights away from home. * You might be in challenging locations (for example out in a small boat, at the North Pole).Getting InGetting a start in broadcasting is harder than ever. Sometimes you have to take any job in the field, just to ‘get a foot in the door’ and make contacts. The BBC and ITV are the largest employers, but many broadcast journalists start off in local radio. There are many local radio stations in...
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