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Topics: Research, Scientific method, Data mining Pages: 3 (554 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Journal: Journal of Management
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Market basket analysis (MBA), also known as association rule mining or affinity analysis, is a datamining technique that originated in the field of marketing. The goal of MBA is to identify relationships (i.e., association rules) between groups of products, items, or categories. This paper describes the advantage of using MBA & how the adoption of MBA is likely to help bridge the micro– macro and science–practice divides.

Analysis of the article
Type of research study represented in this paper: Explanatory research as the writer goes beyond the descriptions & attempts to explain the reasons for the phenomenon that is MBA rather than just describing just what the process actually is. The researcher has also tried to test this process & has explained it thoroughly with a proper real time study.

Learnings from the article
1) What is Market Basket Analysis?
MBA allows researchers to uncover nonobvious and usually hidden and counterintuitive associations between products, items, or categories. This methodological approach allows researchers to identify those items that co-occur (i.e., appear together) on a frequent basis and assess the extent to which they co-occur.

2) Applicability of Market Basket Analysis?
MBA can analyse archival & primary data both. MBA Does Not Rely on Often Untenable Assumptions MBA is not bound by the strict, and often untenable, assumptions such as the linearity, normality, and residual equal variance required by the other frequently used data analytic methods in management research

3) Whether the study follows criteria for good research?

Characteristics of a good research

How this article scores on this dimension

Purpose clearly defined

The goal has been clearly defined in the introduction of the article. The author mentions the purpose of the article &
the modus operandi used to...
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