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Chart out research process & explain briefly each phase involved?

In this step we need to design the research in a way that the requisite data can be gathered and analyzed to arrive at a solution. The research design was originally presented in a simple manner in the next Figure.

Purpose of the Study
Exploratory study is undertaken when not much is known about the situation at hand, or no information is available on how similar problems or research issues have been solved in the past. As an example, a service provider wants to know why his customers are switching to other service providers. Descriptive study is undertaken in order to ascertain and be able to describe the characteristics of the variables of interest in a situation. As an example, a bank manager wants to have a profile of the individuals who have loan payments outstanding for 6 months and more. It would include details of their average age, earnings, nature of occupation, full-time/part-time employment status, and the like. This might help him to elicit further information or decide right away on the types of individuals who should be made ineligible for loans in the future. Hypothesis testing is studies that engage in hypotheses testing usually explain the nature of certain relationships, or establish the differences among groups or the independence of two or more factors in a situation. Hypotheses testing is undertaken to explain the variance in the dependent variable or to predict organizational outcomes. As an example, a marketing manager wants to know if the sales of the company will increase if he doubles the advertising dollars. Here, the manager would like to know the nature of the relationship between advertising and sales by testing the hypothesis: If advertising is increased, then sales will also go up. Case studies involve in-depth, contextual analyses of matters relating to similar situations in other organizations. Case studies, as a problem solving technique, are not...

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