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2.       Explain briefly; article, journal, and database. Also write down at least five journal’s names of your related area (marketing, HR, finance etc.) and names of any five databases. Databases

When we talk about the word databases it is usually termed as the collection data relating to facts and information in an organized form. These data collection contain a variety of information in them which may include from texts, numbers, facts and even most of the times they contain images and videos. Databases can be seen almost everywhere around us.

Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Records of a company, Bibliography all are examples of the databases but they are further categorized on the bases of their needs. This was a simple explanation about the databases.

Research Databases:
Research databases are the research tools or electronic resources for the research purpose that contain all the data relevant to a variety of topics from a well-known and authentic sources. These research databases contain the almost all the published articles from magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedias and health resources. These databases search differ from the search made through Google or Yahoo is that they provide us with exact data relevant to our search and requirement. As when we are searching through these databases when we enter a keyword or title of our topic it will show us a wide range of publishes from various magazines, newspapers. So these data bases are very effective as they help us to save our time. Also the content provided in these databases are more refined as they are giving us and there is also authenticity of the information provided. Following are the Research Databases

Human Resource Center

“A journal is basically a publication which contains research paper article i.e. the publications of the research work done by the researcher’s in a specific field of work.” The articles before being published in a journal are passed through a peer review in order to check the quality and validity of the information provided in the article. The importance of journals cannot be denied because are the source that is providing the researchers with up to date knowledge i.e. to give information for academic or technical audience. Journals are published on regular basis. They can either be on monthly or quarterly basis. Each publication is called an issue and a number of issues collectively make a volume. Since the journals are published on series base they are also often called as periodicals. Journal name

Journal of international business study
Harvard business review
International Journal of Human Resource Management
Review of Financial Studies
American Economic Review
Wall Street Journal
Acadmey of Management Journal

What is Citation
Citation is the requirement for writing any kind of research paper regardless of the topic or field of the research. The purpose of giving the citation in the research paper is that you are giving a proof to your readers that from where you have taken the information mentioned in your research article. It is also a way of telling that how to differentiate between your work and others work. It is also helpful for the readers as it gives them a chance to read more about information related to that particular topic. When a citation is given in a research paper by the author then it should include that following things title of the source, author name, name of publishers, the date of publishing, and also the link of the website where the material was published.

4.       What is impact factor? Also explain with example how journal’s impact factor is calculated.

Impact Factor
The impact factor for an article in a journal is the total number of citations received in past 2 years that are received for the articles published in any journal. It is a measuring tool to rank, evaluate, categorize and comparing the different...
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