Brl Hardy Case Study

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  • Published: May 13, 2008
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Case Study 1 : BRL Hardy: Globalizing an Australian Wine Company

To:Chris Day, Group Strategic Planning Manager (BRL Hardy)
From:Strategic advisor
Re:Evaluation of BRL Hardy’s strategy for today and tomorrow

Table of Contents:
1.Report Objectives
2.Executive Summary
3.Industry Background
4.BRL Hardy Background
5.Issues within the Wine Industry
6.Implications for Attaining a Position of Competitive Advantage 7.Recommendations

1.Report Objectives
BRL Hardy wants to understand the relevancy of its current group strategy within the wine industry today and study the viability of this strategy moving forward. In particular, BRL Hardy wishes to understand the issues and implications that will be encountered by the BRL Hardy group if it pursues its goal of becoming not “just a quality exporter” but also “an international wine company with worldwide product access backed by the marketing capability and distribution muscle to create global brands”. This report will provide recommendations on BRL Hardy’s global strategy. The recommendations will be based upon an understanding of the wine industry (both from a suppliers point-of-view as well as that of a consumer) and its likely future development, an investigation of the current and future competitive environment and a ranked list of BRL Hardy’s competences within this environment.

2.Executive Summary
The wine industry is a highly competitive industry that has yet to see emerge a true global company with a global brand. BRL Hardy’s position within this industry is presently, similar to many other companies, that of a small global-volume supplier and distributor that has a large footprint within its “country-of-origin”, Australia. The goal of becoming an international wine company is ambitious but achievable; however several changes are recommended in order to make this possible. The notion of BRL Hardy as an “international wine company” should become the visionary “beacon” for the...
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