British Red Cross

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CYPCore34-1.3 Identify sources of current guidance for planning healthy and safe environments and services.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
Covers all aspects of health and safety in all work environments and also provides guidance for those specifically working with children and young people, for instance, risk education guidance, general teaching requirement for health and safety guidance and incident reporting guidance, all of which are in place for staff to plan and provide healthy and safe environments and services for those in their care (Health and Safety Executive, 2011). HSE also provides health and safety guidance on workers roles and responsibilities and risk management in its ‘Your Health, Your Safety: A Guide For Workers’ guidance and ‘Health and Safety Law’ guidance. HSE’s guidance is in place so that workers and businesses can follow and plan for a healthy and safe environment (Health and Safety Executive, 2009).

St John Ambulance – Follows the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and takes into account all aspects of first aid. Staff have up to date and regular training to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. It is used as a guide to overcome any medical problems in the workplace (St John Ambulance, 2011).

The British Red Cross – Can be used as a resource for children’s first aid training. Staff may attend British Red Cross training days in order to plan and provide a safe environment. Once completing courses, staff will have an understanding and knowledge of what to do in a range of emergency situations. The British Red Cross also provides teacher resources such as lesson plans and fact sheets to promote children’s safety and plan for them to learn in a healthy and safe environment (British Red Cross, 2011).

British Standards Institute (BSI) - Provides information and education on safety standards for children, young people, and students. BSI tests everyday items for safety. When working with children and young people,...
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