British Petroleum's Corporate Philosophy and the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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In terms of依据 MNE corporate philosophy企业理念 and stakeholder strategy BP has been “ranked as被认为 one of the more environmentally responsive环保响应 and socially aware社会意识 companies” Rugman and Collingson (2006, 4th Ed, p635). Explore this ranking in the light of根据,鉴于,依据 recent events in the Gulf of Mexico. 1. Explain MNE corporate philosophy. How BP work in MNE

2. Explain what is stakeholder strategy, what it is, what is BP’s stakeholder strategy, how it gonna work in the Gulf of Mexico. 3. According to BP’s environmentally responsive and socially aware, BP how to respond the events in Gulf of Mexico.

-Backgroud (what's the problem, why do I care ?)
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In recent years, energy enterprises are becoming more and more important in global market. For example, the price of petroleum was increasing quickly in this decade. The primary reason of that phenomenon is the problem of environment. More and more petroleum enterprises are focus on how to make more profits and look down on the environment. The other reason is the problem of government was adopted to more liberal policies. For example, the Gulf of Mexico spill, one of global oil spill disaster in history. These papers will demonstrate how British Petroleum (BP) solved the events in the Gulf of Mexico. Firstly, these papers will represent the MNE corporate philosophy Explained that what is BP’s corporate philosophy. Secondly, these papers will explain the meaning of stakeholder, including shareholders/ investors, government, NGO, employees, customer and community. Thirdly, these papers will explain that the environmentally responsive and social aware of BP. Fourthly, these papers will state that the events of Gulf of Mexico oil leak, the cause of what happened, why these events happened, the solution of this disaster and demonstrated the corporate social responsibility about BP. Finally, it will argue that after the Gulf of Mexico oil leak happened, what is BP’s solution and how to restore it.

Bp is a multinational enterprise, this enterprise owned many brands of energy enterprises, such as the main global brand, BP (UK), which represented this company’s location and products, British and petroleum. Aral (Germany), with fuels and stations, one of the most trusted brands in Germany. Arco (USA), known for cleaner fuels and low prices, a leading gasoline brand in the western USA. Castro, one of the world’s top motor oils and specialist lubricants brands. Ampm (USA), this convenience shops brand in the western USA has a strong personality. Wild bean cafe, high-concept cafe offers affordable and fresh coffee, foods and meals. Especially, wild bean cafe offers ‘gourmet one the go’ to motorists on four-coutinents and tucked into many BP Connect stations. (BP, 2011) MNE

Rugman (2009) argued that Multinational enterprise (MNE) is a company which headquartered in major country and has operations in other countries. Actually, there are number of reasons for companies to operate in other countries, sometimes is the low wages, to reduce the cost. According to Rugman (2009), most of the best-known companies in the world are multinational enterprise, many of their names are easily recognized because their products and services are popular. Such as BP (British Petroleum). Figure 1 shows that the major forces in multinational enterprise, it demonstrated that MNE is concerned of two major areas: the home country of its headquarters and the host countries, which it does business. Stakeholders are not included in home country and host country because they can come from other countries in the world. For example, even though BP had made a solution of the Gulf of Mexico but the marine animals were affected by the oil contamination. (Rugman, 2009)...
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