British Perspective on the Boston Tea Party

Topics: Boston Tea Party, Tea, American Revolution Pages: 4 (1284 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Vicki Pappas12/9/12

Boston Tea Party

In 1773 parliament passed the tea act in which the British pay less for tax to ship places. This made the prices of tea lower from Britain. Since Boston's tea would be more expensive nobody would buy it from them. The tea act was just another problem adding up between the colonists and britain. This made the colonists want to be independent from Britain. The colonists decided to rebel and dumb three hundred and forty two chests of tea into the Boston Harbor. The act was given the name the Boston Tea Party. Most of the British thought of the Boston Tea Party as an act of terrorism. Really the Boston Tea Party was just another step to independence for the colonists.

In 1763 the British put a line along the Appalachian Mountains so the the colonists could not move into the Ohio River Valley. This was called the Proclamation Line. The British prohibited the colonists from their land to protect them from the Indians. The colonists who went against the British and crossed the line were later killed by the Indians and then asked for the British to protect them again. When the colonists asked for help they British were still in a lot of debt from the war they fought to protect the colonists. They put British soldiers on the line to protect the colonists. This was a little bit rude of the colonists to try moving into the Ohio River Valley when the British were trying to help them.

The fact that the British were forbidding the colonists from passing the Appalachian Mountains made them very mad. They looked at it as the British not allowing them to settle into more land. The colonists were not allowed to buy and live on the land that they fought and won a war for. It was there land and they were being deprived their right to their own property.

The Sugar Act happened in 1764, the next thing to make the colonists angry. The sugar act put tax on sugar from other countries making it more expensive. The...
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